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Bringing care to our seniors - Cheetham’s Pharmacy - Saskatoon

Bringing care to our seniors - Saskatoon - Cheetham’s Pharmacy Care Home Services

Bringing care to our seniors - Cheetham’s Pharmacy has embarked on a journey to enhance the total care the seniors in our community are getting. Many of our seniors are living longer and doing quite well, being active and independent well into their 90’s. However, not all seniors are doing so well. Many have lost their independence and live with multiple medical conditions. In many cases mobility has become a huge problem. Cheetham’s Pharmacy has always believed in excellent customer service as one of our core values. From the beginning, Cheetham’s Pharmacy has provided FREE prescription delivery. Realizing that many seniors were no longer driving, Cheetham’s Pharmacy added a FREE senior’s shuttle for medical appointments. Next came FREE basic foot care after recognizing that many seniors were having trouble managing their own foot care.

As the care from Cheetham’s Pharmacy became known to the senior’s community, demand for this special care and commitment to senior’s wellness has resulted in expanded space, technology, and staff. Cheetham’s Pharmacy has specialized pharmacists to take senior’s wellness to the next level. The traditional model of the pharmacist behind the counter is changing with Cheetham’s Pharmacy, we are now bringing our pharmacists to our seniors both in care homes and those independently living. At the senior’s home, the pharmacists at Cheetham’s Pharmacy provide periodic medication reviews, minor ailment prescribing, consultations with our affiliated physicians and their care givers.

Cheetham’s Pharmacy is always looking for new ways to improve health outcomes in our senior’s community. Senior’s dental care is on the decline in Saskatchewan. Personal dental care is important in total health and wellness, impacting on both quality of life and longevity. Cheetham’s Pharmacy has been working on a solution to improve senior’s access to basic dental hygiene. We are proud to announce that Cheetham’s Pharmacy has partnered with a team of dentists and dental hygienists, with a special interest in senior’s dental care.

Senior’s Clients of Cheetham’s Pharmacy benefit from our growing expanded services including:

  1. FREE prescription delivery
  2. FREE senior’s medical shuttle 
  3. FREE basic foot care from a licensed esthetician 
  4. Pharmacy care to your home or care home
  5. Medication Reviews
  6. Smoking Cessation
  7. Minor Ailment Prescribing
  8. Consulting with healthcare professionals and care givers

-  Physician and Dental referral to new residents in Saskatoon and area

-  Access to dental hygiene, care and assessment-available to care home and group home clients

-  Excellent customer service

-  Pharmacist on call after hours

Cheetham’s Pharmacy, more than a pharmacy, bringing our special care to you.

Cheetham’s Pharmacy
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Care Homes - Cheetham's Pharmacy

Helping with your care home search for Saskatoon and area - Cheetham's Pharmacy

Cheetham's Pharmacy is fortunate to work with some of the best Senior Care Homes in Saskatoon. In most cases we are aware of vacancies before they are made public. Every Senior has individualized needs when it comes to their care, thus finding a care home can be difficult for a family. Because Cheetham's Pharmacy works closely with our care homes, we have great insight as to the services and care they offer; as well as the functionality of the care home layout and operations. We can help you find the perfect place by referring multiple care homes that are best suited for your budget, service and needs.

Senior Care Homes Saskatoon - Cheetham's Pharmacy Services

Senior Care Homes Saskatoon - Cheetham's Pharmacy Services

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